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Gingerbread House & Cottage Bundle

Gingerbread House & Cottage Bundle

Difficult to decide which Gingerbread House to make this year? Or maybe you want to make more than one....sounds familiar. Don´t worry, we got you. This Gingerbread House & Cottage Bundle make you all set for the upcoming holiday with 3 amazing Gingerbread House Templates for the price of 2! Consider it as a early Christmas gift :-)


What you get:

- Gingerbread Forest Cottage Template

- Gingerbread Mountain Cottage Template

- Old-fashioned Gingerbread Mansion Template


Gingerbread Forest Cottage

The Gingerbread Forest Cottage template is designed to give you that magical fairytale Gingerbread house feeling. Snowflakes in the sky, christmas music in the background, it´s almost as you can smell the smoke coming out of the know the feeling :-)


Gingerbread Mountain Cottage

The details on this cottage really make the difference. The balcony, the original chimney and the traditional "oppstue" - Norwegian dialect for a traditional type of cottage buildingstyle in the snowy mountains.


Old-fashioned Gingerbread Mansion

There is something special when it comes to traditional gingerbread houses. The Old-fashioned Gingerbread Mansion template is one of those. A true classical house that will make the most beautiful Christmas decoration and "light-up" any room. 


You can read more about each Gingerbread House in their separate description. 







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