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Gingerbread Forest Cottage

Gingerbread Forest Cottage

The Gingerbread Forest Cottage template is designed to give you that magical fairytale Gingerbread house feeling. Snowflakes in the sky, christmas music in the background, it´s almost as you can smell the smoke coming out of the know the feeling :-)


This gingerbread house will garanteed get you and your fellow celebrates into the magical holiday spirit.


The Gingerbread Forest Cottage template consist of 3 cabins put together. It is not too dificult to make, but as always we recommend reading the instructions and steps thoroughly before you start. It is the best way to ensure you and your builders have the best startingpoint to cherish and enjoy the process. There is nothing more enjoyable than a seeing your Gingerbread house coming to life one gingerbreadwall at a time, "with sugar and spice and everything nice". 





Length 24 cm / 9,5  inches

Height 27 cm / 10,6 inches

Width 22 cm / 8,7  inches

*Size of finished gingerbread house will vary


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